I received my Look Inside Kit. How do I get started?

Written by Laura Walter
Updated 4 months ago

We can’t wait to help get you set up with your brand new sensor and the Hello Inside App. 

We want you to get to know your own body, and by spotting the trends from your food scores and implementing the advice from our lessons, we’re sure that by the end of the study your food scores will be greatly improved, and along with it your mood, your health, your energy and your blood glucose levels.

Ready to get going? So are we! Below you’ll find instructions on how to get set up with your sensor and your Hello Inside App. Make sure you put some time aside to do this properly, though, as it can take around 75 minutes for your sensor to calibrate properly, and everything to be completed. 

Find all details for each step in the links below.

  1. Download the TestFlight App (iOS only): You can find the TestFlight App on the App Store. If you are an Android user, you can skip this step and move on to step 2.
  2. Download the Hello Inside App & sign up: You can find the download link on the flyer in the package or in your welcome email after your purchase. 
  3. Download the FreeStyle LibreLink/Libre3 App & sign up: Open the respective store (Google Play or App Store) & type in the app name “FreeStyle LibreLink” or for Germany "StreeStyle Libre 3" and download the app.
  4. Enter “helloinside” practice ID in the FreeStyle LibreLink App (Note: practice ID for Switzerland is "helloinside-ch")
  5. Apply & activate your CGM: For this step follow the instructions in the FreeStyle LibreLink App to apply a new sensor. 
  6. Complete the "Hello Focus Study" set-up: In this step you will set up your study account, complete a lifestyle questionnaire, and cognitive assessment test.
  7. Start exploring the Hello Inside App 
On our blog you can find some more information in how to use the Hello Inside App and discover all features. 
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