How do I apply the sensor?

Written by Lukas
Updated 2 months ago

Step-by-step application for Libre 2:

If you are based in Germany or Switzerland you will have a Libre 3. That means you can skip step 4.
  1. Open the box with the sensor.
  2. Take out the sensor and applicator.
  3. Peel open the sensor pack and unscrew the cap from the sensor applicator.
  4. (Connect the applicator with the sensor by pushing the applicator into the sensor until you hear a click (ensure the marker on the two parts match).)
  5. Find a spot on the back of your upper arm (try aiming for a spot that has more soft tissue).
    The CGM manufacturer recommends applying your sensor to the back of your upper arm. Make sure you avoid applying it to a muscle directly as this might be uncomfortable.
    Our tip: to apply the sensor at the right angle, put your hand on the arm you want to apply the sensor on your opposite shoulder. Lift your elbow in front of your body and apply the sensor with the other hand to the back of the upper arm from below.
  6. Disinfect with an alcohol wipe.
  7. Press the applicator on the spot until it clicks.
  8. Remove the applicator.
  9. Scan the sensor with your FreeStyle LibreLink App.
The exact steps are also described in the FreeStyle LibreLink App / FreeStyle Libre 3 App.

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