What does my subscription include and how much does it cost?

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We offer a few different subscription bundles to make sure we have the right offer for your goals. Each subscription contains a membership for the app with access to all premium features as well as a certain amount of sensors for your active tracking periods. Each sensor lasts for 14 days.

We have 2 different offer categories, and for each of them we offer different options in terms of pricing and flexibility:

Glucose Starter Kit

This is your starter package to get to know your body. An easy and fun start into your health journey.

1 Month Membership 1 Year Membership
1 Sensor: billed monthly 1 Sensor: billed yearly
shipped monthly shipped yearly
recurring payments: €99.90 recurring payments: €109.90
This is a great starter package. It's a perfect 2-week start to get to know your body and kick it off with our Hello Sugar Program for example. By the time you wear a couple of sensors, you will be an expert of your body and can improve your overall health. For this option, we recommend buying additional sensors whenever you'd like to check in during the year. When you have any of our subscriptions you will get access to cheaper sensors as a membership deal, whenever you need them. This is your flexible foundation package in which you can explore and experiment on your own terms. 

Women's Health Pack

This is your deep-dive package for women's health.

3 Month Membership 1 Year Membership
2 Sensors: billed quarterly 8 Sensors: billed yearly
shipped quarterly shipped quarterly
recurring payments: €199.90 recurring payments: €699.90
This is the perfect membership for you to deep dive into women's health and understand the connection between hormones, blood sugar, and symptoms you might experience along your cycle or in other life stages like (peri-)menopause. Our Hello Hormones program is a great way to kick off your journey when choosing this subscription plan.

A great deal for a full year of insights. This is your full-year service in which you will receive 2 sensors every 3 months. This is a great tracking interval in which you can track 4 weeks (2 x 14 days with a sensor) each quarter.
You can choose to use both sensors back to back for a more intense exploration session or use them with breaks in between.

Also, you can also always get more additional sensors for a membership price in case you want to extend your deep dive or learn more.
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