What are the features of the Hello Inside App?

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Daily Overview & Daily Score

  1. Curve on daily: Do you want to scroll through your day and see what was going on in your body? Then our interactive blood glucose curve is just right for you. It helps you understand the impact of lifestyle decisions.
  2. Daily score: The daily score tells you how well you managed your day and shows a score between 0 and 100. Daily score page with sub-scores: in the daily score you can compare the scores of the last 7 days at a glance.
  3. The Daily Score is now also broken down into its individual values: Time in Range, Maximum Glucose, Adaptability and Variability. The sub-scores help to identify what is working well and where to improve.
  4. Program access on daily: if you want to quickly switch to your current program, you can do it through our easy access via the daily overview.

Meal Logging

  1. Meal Score: Your meals are scored on a scale of 1-10, with information about your average and maximum glucose levels. Helps to identify BG balancing/spiking meals.
  2. Expert tip: Based on your meal, you will get information with hints on how to make your next meal better. Adding ingredients are needed to enable this feature
  3. Meal composition: Based on your selected ingredients you get a composition of the macronutrients of your meal. Adding ingredients are needed to enable this feature
  4. Ingredients: You choose your ingredients easily and quickly from a list and give an approximate portion size.


  1. Navigation: On the coaching screen you will find an overview of all the programs you have access to at the moment.
  2. Programs progress: You can see at a glance which programs you have worked on so far and you can easily see your learning progress.
  3. Experiments: Our experiments help you to understand how differently your body reacts to food and lifestyle, even with small changes.
  4. Program chapters: The program details show you all the lessons of your current program and also if you have already completed them.
  5. Recipe: Our recipe section will give you an orientation on what you can cook and try to feed your body in the best way.
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