What are glucose spikes?

Written by Lukas
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Ideally, you should always try to keep our blood glucose levels firmly within a healthy range of 80-110 mg/dl. If your blood glucose levels rise sharply above this range, then you are experiencing a glucose spike. A glucose spike is when your blood glucose levels rise, typically after eating a meal, exercising or experiencing stress.

Generally speaking, rising blood glucose levels are a natural and temporary part of your blood glucose curve. However, if you experience several spikes per day, and if those spikes tend to be significantly above your healthy range, then you run the risk of having unhealthy or unstable blood glucose levels.

  • Brain fog: You’re having trouble concentrating or remembering things.
  • Fatigue: You feel so tired, even though you slept well and had coffee that day.
  • Irritability: It feels like suddenly everyone around you just got 25% more annoying, even though they haven’t.
  • Food cravings: You just ate but you don’t feel full and are thinking about having a second dessert.

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