How should I start my Hello Inside journey?

Written by Lukas
Updated 9 months ago

Before starting your health journey, choose one of our subscription models:

  • Glucose Starter Package (with a monthly or yearly subscription)
  • Women's Health Pack (with a 3 months or yearly subscription)

After choosing your ideal subscription model, your journey with a sensor always has 3 major steps:

  1. Observe: In the first few days just observe what happens in your body when you follow your usual routines, eat like you always do and move and exercise like you normally would. This helps you get a good feeling about your current status.
  2. Explore & Experiment: In the second half of your tracking period with the sensor you can start exploring. This is the fun phase in which you start to test small adjustments, make experiments and start adjusting your habits based on the results you see. You will learn how to use glucose hacks and apply tips to balance your blood sugar and feel better every day. You may first notice changes already in your energy levels, cravings, mood, and sleep quality.
  3. Check-in & Well-being: While you are getting to know your body and its response to food, exercise and sleep when wearing a sensor you can use the time after the tracking duration to adjust your habits. See if you can make small adjustments to improve your well-being. When it's time to check in again with a sensor you can see if your new habits have improved your glucose levels. You can also try new habits or foods to test or experiments you would like to try to advance your health journey even more. 

    After a few weeks, you might see further improvements or changes, like better weight control. In the long term, you can reduce the risk of chronic disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other illnesses.

If you don't want to wait for your next sensor to arrive or want to test even more there is always the opportunity to buy an additional CGM sensor. If you have a membership you even get the sensor for a special price.
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