Why are my glucose values not the same with a finger prick test and a CGM?

Written by Lukas
Updated 10 months ago

Deviations in measurement results can occur and can have various causes:

  • If there are differences between sensor data from multiple sensors: this may be due to, for example, the sensor being placed in a different location on the upper arm (Therefore, there may also be slight differences between sensors). The differences are due to the sensor and we are working with the manufacturer Abbott to find a solution and have the data aligned in the future.
  • Differences in measurement methods: It is also possible that the values differ due to the measurement method. The blood test shows increases faster than the measurement with the sensor (measurement in the tissue fluid). Here values would be delayed about 10-15 minutes.
  • Differences in the first days: In addition, the sensor still shows greater fluctuations in the first 24-48 hours, because it must first settle. After that, the values stabilize in most cases.

Taking all these factors into account, a deviation of approx. 10-15% is normal. Your findings are not falsified by this, as the tendency and a trend are equally recognizable and support you in adjusting your lifestyle and researching your health. If these deviations are significantly larger over several days, please contact us.

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